Helping Local Restaurant Upgrade Security with New Door Alarm

Theft at a restaurant is normally viewed as someone stealing money from a cash register or even stealing food or supplies. But another type of restaurant theft can be people dining and then exiting out an entrance other than the front door where the cashier or other restaurant personnel may be. This is more common than some would believe, often described by the sobriquet ‘Dine and Dash’, and regardless of if it is a deliberate act or a prank it is still theft. For one Roslyn-based restaurant who has experienced this, the realization that something needed to be done. Locking the backdoor would violate fire and safety codes so they needed a solution that would deter the theft while being code compliant. Based on recommendations, they reached out to the team at Roslyn Locksmiths for a solution.

The technicians from Roslyn Locksmiths assessed the situation and recommended the installation of a Detex ECL-230D Alarmed Panic Exit Device. The ECL-230D is security compliant, rugged dead bolt lock and alarm mechanism that is opened from the inside by pressing on a steel paddle. When depressed and as the deadbolt disengages, a 100-decibel alarm can be heard indicating the door being opened. As the alarm is powered by a long-life battery within the alarm mechanism, a loss of power to the building will not affect the operation of the alarm mechanism. Additionally, the deadbolt is a 1 inch thick piece of saw-resistant steel which prevents entry from the outside. With a variety of mounting plates, the ECL-230D can be deployed on a number of different doors.

The Roslyn Locksmiths team that installed the device said that the decision using this well-regarded equipment from Detex was a no-brainer. It offered the restaurant owner the highest level of security while not compromising the safety of patrons and staff in the event of an emergency. Additionally, as the paddle is clearly marked that the exit is for emergencies only, it helps to avoid accidental exit by patrons.

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