Security for your home, office or business has to be a top priority. Security and access systems keep evolving all the time and you need to keep upgrading your defenses. Our locksmiths and security experts are very knowledgeable and we strive to give our customers the latest products and technologies that provide superior reliability and lasting security guarantees. Whether you are looking to repair existing security systems, upgrade them or add to them. We offer a full line of high-security locks, safes and CCTV systems so that you will have the peace of mind we all deserve.


In terms of your auto, we know that you may find yourself in a high stress situation. Maybe you are locked out of your vehicle while away from home or perhaps your key broke off in the ignition or in a door lock. Roslyn Locksmiths are ready to come and help you regardless of your location, the time of day or what day it is. Weekends and holidays are just another work day for us when it comes to helping our neighbors in times of stress and anxiety.


As a local business, Roslyn Locksmith is concerned about the safety and security of our neighbors in Roslyn and the entire Nassau County Region. This is what drives our efforts to provide the very best customer experience in all that we do. We look forward to serving you.